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A Timely Warning and an Imperative Invitation (Expert Reviewer for “The Bridegroom Comes” presents a timely important alternative approach to the recent popularity of fictional accounts of end time prophecies which combine scriptural truths with contemporary characters and complex plots. Dr. Richard Ruhling offers the reader a straight-forward answer to the question “How Not to Be Left Behind.” apcover_small Newspaper headlines today verify the message of Biblical prophetic scholars that we are living in end times. Dr. Ruhling provides insight into the importance of sharing the warning of a coming crisis with an understanding of Christ’s wedding parables in “The Bridegroom Comes!” He discusses in detail the significance of value based relationships. Dr. Ruhling produces evidence that the solar system, alignment on May 5, 2000 as a sign of the nearness of the end and a reminder of coming judgment, as in Noah’s day. In anticipation of the bridegroom’s coming, readiness and watchfulness are key action words for Christians. Dr. Ruhling clearly articulates the importance of listening for his knock and responding to the invitation to the marriage supper. Ruhling carefully and objectively points out a diversity of opinions on the interpretation of the White Horse in Revelation 6 and of the often misunderstood texts concerning the rapture of the church. Established Biblical students will gain new insights into these questions as they reflect on Ruhling’s conclusions. New Christians and others not familiar with end-times theology and the various interpretations will find this work a helpful resource tool for further study. I found the chronological appendix and the practical considerations to be especially helpful in visualizing a time line. Dr. Richard Ruhling shares the Biblical message of the signs of the nearness of the end-times with a warning of judgment to come. His writing conveys a genuine concern for his reader and their response to the invitation of the bridegroom.

Mr. Blake’s review overlooked two points. The Bridegroom Comes! is a two-in-one book. Flip the book over and it is America in Prophecy,subtitled, End-time Issues in Daniel and Revelation. (back cover to the left) Second: To understand Christ’s “knock” in the wedding parable of Luke 12:36 where we must “open unto Him immediately,” we should consider the only other place where Christ knocks–in Revelation 3:20 for a church that ended in an earthquake. The Hebrew word for knock includes a severe meaning (Judges 19:22) and the apocalyptic “day of the Lord” texts often have an earthquake in their context. I believe this is the intended meaning of “knock,” and will render our economy beyond the point of return. The signs and Biblical clues suggest May if Israel has a peace accord, “for when they shall say, ‘Peace and safety,’ sudden destruction comes.” 1Thess 5:3. A dual sided book exploring two sides to the apocalypse, April 12, 2009 By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) – 5 Stars The end of all things is on the back of the mind of many. “The Bridegroom Comes! and America in Prophecy” is a dual sided book exploring two sides to the apocalypse, written by Dr. Richard Ruhling. ‘The Bridegroom Comes’ explores relationships and how poor choices can destroy one’s life. ‘America in Prophecy’ investigates America’s role in possible end of days scenarios, drawing from the book of Revelations. “The Bridegroom Comes! and Ameria in Prophecy” is intriguing reading for Christian readers who think the end might be nearer than one would believe. Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for, 1/09, 4 Stars A look at the prophecies of end times… Too often books concerning end time prophecies are difficult to read. In The Bridegroom Comes, Richard Ruhling writes in an easy-to-read style. He offers a unique interpretation to scripture. I was surprised at his philosophy concerning the rapture. I also found his theory of the antichrist interesting. America in Prophecy is a look at the role of the United States in the end times. Have we become too puffed up, to proud of ourselves? I found a lot of truth in America in Prophecy. We have become too proud of ourselves. Ruhling falls heavily on the book of Daniel. My favorite part of this book is the time line. ( ) AmeliaPeabody | Feb 4, 2009 | These are two books in one, America in Prophecy and The Bridegroom Comes!  You can buy it for $11.99 + $3 shipping on Amazon, OR get an autographed copy, $2 off with a special bonus, 80-page “What’s Behind the New World Order?” condensed from a TIME Magazine $25 offer. All three books for just $9.95 + $3 shipping.

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