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Adventism Must ‘Prophesy Again’ or Fail to be Movement of Destiny

August 11, 2017

Unless there is a serious change, Adventism as represented by the General Conference will fail to be the movement of destiny endorsed by the ‘bitter-belly’ in Rev 10:10,11. Christ said, “You must prophesy again.” Those 1844 messages would prepare us for what’s impending, but we don’t understand.

Pioneers thought ‘the Bridegroom comes’ is 2nd coming when the world will burn. Neither is true now, but as wise virgins, we need extra oil from the Old Testament olive tree in Zechariah 4. It shows how both messages fit. God will execute judgment on the US as on Egypt, and He took Israel to a covenant, later saying, I am married to you, Jer 3:14. “All those things happened to them for tupos, types…ends of the world.”1Cor 10:1,11

The church is adding members like leaves on the fig tree, but “we are to give, with no uncertain sound, the message: ‘Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come.’ 4BC 1184. How do we give it with “no uncertain sound” if we don’t know when it is? Please consider…

Pioneers overlooked the context of the judgment in Dan 7:10. The verses before an after are about the great words of the horn. After Napoleon took the pope prisoner, the pope didn’t have great words in 1844, but in 2015, he had great words for US Congress & in the UN it was Day of Atonement. With missing ingredients of 1844 satisfied, we ‘must prophesy again.’

Christ said, ‘When you see the abomination…standing where it ought not… flee.” The pope “ought not” to be standing in US Congress, like Cestius stood outside Jerusalem in 66 AD, it was a sign to Christians who fled. Leaders’ failure to warn is ‘peace and safety,’ condemned in 5T 211 that can be read online at Just type 5T 211 in the window.

The wedding parables all have Passover imagery and include calamity… The ‘remnant’ get their city burned in Matt 22:6,7 The midnight cry in Matt  25:6 is a ‘sudden unlooked-for calamity’ COL 412. It was at Passover in Exod 12:29,30 and EW saw an earthquake at Loma Linda (9T 92-95) and cited Zeph 1:8—‘In the day of the Lord’s sacrifice [Passover] I will punish the king’s children.” Laodicea, the lukewarm church, ended in an earthquake, 63 AD. Type & antitype? Those who ‘prophesy again’ should do Passover as EW shows (#8 next page), then ‘watch  pray’ to be protected, Matt 24:43. This is not prophesy based on time, but on law, mo’ed. To understand how, please see the next article below!

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