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Six Prophetic Pictures of End-Times and How They Are All Related

June 16, 2017

#1. The Exodus was the greatest event of Old Testament, but it is “prophetic history” that will be repeated. “What is to come has been already; God summons each event back…” Eccl 3:15 There will be 144,000 who sing the song of Moses, a song of their experience, Rev 15:3. Paul included the Exodus in “all those things happened…for examples,” 1Cor 10:1,11 The Exodus had 2 ingredients that are key to what’s impending.

A) God “executed judgment” on Egypt, Exod 12:12. They murdered babies; the US is worse; aborting 60 mil. Egypt enslaved Israelites; the US enslaves most people in alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, drugs falsely called health care that’s now  leading cause of illness and death–addictions to food, sex, perversions, gambling, TV, rock/rap. God executed judgment on Egypt as He will on the US as a lesson for the world from this ‘Christian’ nation.

B) God took His people to a covenant by which they became His kingdom and His Bride, Exod 19:5,6; Jer 3:14. It is in this sense that “the Bridegroom comes,” Matt 25:6. He comes with judgment and it will separate the wise from the foolish who don’t recognize His coming in a “sudden, unlooked-for calamity,” 1Thess 5:2,3; COL 412.

#2. The wedding parables are not a rapture, but an opportunity for a covenant relationship that will protect us in the end-times, Exod 34:10,11. Each has a calamity; the ‘remnant’ have their city burned, Matt 22:6,7; the cry at midnight is an echo of Exod 12:29,30. The ‘knock’ in Lk 12:36 is an earthquake as in Rev 3:20—that church where He knocks ended in an earthquake circa 63 AD. Lk 12:35-44 has seven parallels to Rev 3:17-21. As in chess, the Queen, the Bride of Christ will be the most valuable and versatile player that wins victory for God.

God got an ignorant bride a Sinai. This must not happen to Christ, and the provision to prevent it is a prenuptial feast of betrothal for us to consider what He wants from us. Bible weddings took a week, Gen 29:27, and they coincide with the feast in Matt 22:3-10. Since every wedding parable has Passover imagery, it is the Feast of Unleavened Bread, not crackers, but teachings not leavened by church leaders, Matt 16:12. Union with Christ by communion (unleavened bread) had the same meaning of union by covenant based on the Word.

#3. Elijah ‘shall first come and restore all things’ Matt 17:11. Malachi 4:4,5 shows this includes the statutes that have a 7-fold emphasis in Ezek 20:11-24. The 7-fold emphasis is a mark of end-time truth—the “all things” that Elijah restores are topics for the covenant that the Bride of Christ must make and Bible covenants were linked to 7’s as in Gen 21:27,28; Lev 23. The 7 topics are the unleavened bread to consider before making a covenant.

#4. The white horse in Rev 6 represents the “all things” to be restored, Matt 17:11. The 7 topics are contextually linked to the 7 seals and are represented as a message of truth by the white horse in the 1st seal. Some think this is antichrist, but white is associated with Christ; scarlet is the color of antichrist and the beast system, Rev 17:4. The crown on the rider is a stefanos, a victor’s crown, not the diadema on the beast. Before the red horse “takes peace from the earth,” a message of truth will bless all who receive it, as Noah’s warning was intended to save. Horses in the Bible were for war. The imagery of a white horse suggests militancy for truth in the end-times.

#5. The Stone Kingdom breaks the kingdoms represented by image in Daniel 2. It is cut from a mountain.
The only usage of ‘mountain’ in Daniel is Jerusalem—My holy mountain. So the stone is cut from the church that’s divided into wise and foolish by earthquake that initiates ‘the day of the Lord,’ Joel 2:10,11; 1Thess 5:2,3. The wise know it’s Christ’s ‘knock’ (Lk 12:36) and they ‘open to Him immediately’ in the Feast of Unleavened Bread and consider the 7-seal topics to make a covenant and be His bride. Representing God’s kingdom of love and fairness, they break the world’s dominion that millions are rebelling against due to unfair laws, inequity, etc

#6. The 144,000 are not male virgins living in Israel. They are the wise virgins who are ready to seek a covenant relationship. They sing the song of Moses (#1) and are sealed in Rev 7 by the seals of Rev 6. For a copy of The Earthquake & the 7 Seals, please call Richard Ruhling, 928 583 7543, to discuss any questions re this information to the intent that “He will make [us] ruler over all that He has…[not] beaten with many stripes” Luke 12:44,47.

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