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Appreciation for Pastor Melashenko and a Question for Church Leaders, Bible Students

June 9, 2017

Pastor Melashenko’s YouTube sermon may be seen here– Elijah Message He cited Christ that Elijah “shall first comes and restore all things” (Matt 17:11) and implied that we can be a part of that restoring process, but how do we know what the ‘all things’ are that need restoring?

The context of Elijah shown in Mal 4:4 is the law of Moses with statutes and judgments. EW supports them fully in 1BC 1104.6  They have a 7-fold emphasis in Ezekiel 20:11-24 where they are linked to sabbaths. The 7-fold emphasis is a mark of end-time truth, just like Revelation is a book of 7 churches, 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 thunders.

I’m seeing 7 topics that have a 7-fold emphasis as a mark of end-time truth to be restored by Elijah. Let me give you another example. There were no J’s in Hebrew nor Greek, so his name was Elia, and it meant  El (Elohim) is IA.This is the short form of God’s name found in Ps 68:4 where King James translators replace yods with a J’s.

Bad idea since Christ said, Not on yod should pass from the law, and God wrote His name in the law 7 times.    Few people know that Josephus said God’s name “consists of four vowels” and some modern sources agree. Vowels are the music or beauty in our words or we couldn’t make intelligent sound with b,d,m. You can get more information at  I’m seeing that the 7 topics with 7-fold emphasis have a contextual link to the seals in Rev 6–thunder links to God’s name in John 12:28,29; Rev 14:1,2 and is the 1st seal.

Why Revelation 6? In Ellen White’s last book, last chapter, she said the church, “clad in the armor of Christ’s righteousness is to go forth into all the world, conquering and to conquer,” an allusion to Rev 6:2 in PK 725.
I believe God gave me a token of the white horse. When mother died in Paradise, she left me a white Mustang with an odometer reading of 48,777, a token of 7 topics with a 7-fold emphasis for the last 7 years, like Joseph’s famine, Daniel 4, 7 days around Jericho, the judgment of the living with two 3.5 year periods: Rev 11:1-7 & 13:5.

The Bride of Christ is another imagery for Elijah to restore all things. God got an ignorant bride at Sinai and it must not happen to Christ. Provision is embedded in the wedding parables but the invitation to the feast is scorned in Matt 22. Since all 3 wedding parables have Passover imagery, it’s the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Passover imagery in Matt 25 is a cry at midnight (Exod 12:29,30)—‘sudden unlooked-for calamity,’ COL 412    Passover imagery in Luke 12:35-37 includes ‘loins girded’ (Exod 12:11), ‘watch’ = be awake, Matt 26:38-41. The Feast of Unleavened Bread is not crackers but teachings, Matt 16:12. (“Restore all things!) The 7-day feast of unleavened bread (teachings) coincides with a week for biblical weddings, Gen 29:27. See GC 399, last line.

Communion with unleavened teaching = union with Christ by covenant at the end of the week if we consider the 7 topics and commit to them. Israel did before they knew. It’s how we “open to Him immediately” at His ‘knock’ (Lk 12:36) that’s an earthquake initiating ‘the day of the Lord’ (Joel 2:10,11) and it brings ‘sudden destruction,’ 1Thess 5:2,3. Sr. White saw an earthquake at Loma Linda, 9T 92-95, cited Zeph 1:8 I can explain We are the ‘goodman’ who doesn’t know when to watch, but it’s protective, Matt 24:43; Rev 3:3; 1Thes 5:6

Passover was the only night that watching was enjoined in torah, but Christ modified it in His last parables from ‘as the days of Noah’ (Gen 7:11) to ‘like a man traveling to a far country,’ Matt 25:14. I can show that each parable fits a provision in the law for Passover a month later—Christ took the long journey; His return must fit the law that’s in effect till heaven and earth pass; that’s 2nd Passover–Num 9:10,11; Amos 3:7; EW.

This isn’t for 18 million SDAs; it’s like Gideon’s 300 and how Christ gets 144,000 virgins–the wise virgins that get into the wedding. ‘He will make [them] ruler over all that He has’ not ‘beaten with stripes’ Lk 12:44-48

Please call to discuss or if you have questions, 928 583 7543 or email if you prefer,

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