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Christians at High Risk! “Occupy till I come” is becoming  “Occupied when I came”

March 31, 2017

If this were about His coming in the sky, we would all drop what we are doing and go, but this is about a different event and if we don’t know how He will come and ‘knock’ (Luke 12:36), we won’t know how to “open unto Him immediately.”

Please consider the conditions for which “He will make [us] ruler over all that He has” Luke 12:44. If we shrug this off, we will be “beaten with many stripes; to whom much is given…much is required,” v 47,48.

  1. God executed judgment on Egypt at Passover and took Israel to a covenant marriage, Jer 3:14.
  2. Paul said “All those things happened to them for examples. Making a covenant is how we marry Christ.
  3. The wedding parables all have Passover imagery. The ‘midnight cry’ in Matt 25:6 is an echo of the calamity in Exod 12:29,30
  4. The ‘knock’ in Luke 12:36 is an earthquake that initiates the end-time “day of the Lord,’ Joel 2:10,11.
  5. The only other place Christ ‘knocked’ was for a lukewarm church that ended in an earthquake, 63 AD.
  6. God will “punish the king’s children” in ‘the day of the Lord’s sacrifice’ (Passover) Zeph 1:8.
  7. Christ’s last parables all have 2nd Passover timing, “as the days of Noah” or “like a man traveling to a far country.” If Israelites took a long trip and couldn’t get back to Jerusalem for Passover, they kept it the 2nd spring month, Numbers 9:10,11* Christ was taking the long trip and His return will fit His law*
  8. “As the days of Noah,” animals entered the ark on the 10th day, Gen 7:4,11. News of unusual  animal behavior on Sunday, May 7 would support an impending time of judgment at 2nd Passover (#7 above). We should drop all other agendas and do as pioneers to “prophesy again” (Rev 10:11) with the same message of the Bridegroom’s coming and impending judgment. They did so without phones, faxes, computers copy machines, radio, TV or cars; how can we be excused?
  9. If Christ ‘knocks’ with an earthquake as Bible clues suggest we ‘open to Him’ by a Feast of Unleavened Bread. Christ did not fulfill this event; He was dead in the grave on the 1st day. It’s the wedding feast of Matthew 22. Bible weddings and the Feast of Unleavened Bread were both 7 days, Lev 23:6; Gen 29:27, but it’s about teachings, not crackers, Matt 16:12. Communion is union with Him in the Word; weddings are union by covenant. They coincide in a feast of betrothal as we consider topics God has emphasized 7 times as a mark of end-time truth. More information at, and


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