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The Real Gospel for the End-Time is Different Than We May Expect!

November 18, 2016

Gospel means ‘good news,’ and there are lots of sincere people teaching what they believe is the gospel, but in most cases, it’s only part of the story that goes something like this: Christ died for our sins and if we invite Him into our hearts, He will save us. That’s an important part of the picture, but it misses an important aspect…

There’s a changing aspect of the gospel. In Noah’s day, it meant being saved from destruction. In Moses’ time, it was deliverance from slavery. Christ offered eternal salvation.  This changing aspect of truth (Christ is the Truth) makes present truth easy to miss. Human nature clings to the familiar and tends to reject Christ in present truth.

For us, the gospel is better than any of the above because it’s all of them if we meet the conditions in messages that He implied when He said, ‘Prophesy again.” Rev 10:11 It was the 1st angel’s message, not the 3rd angel’s message!

“All three of the messages are still to be proclaimed…showing their order, and the application of the prophecies that bring us to the third angel’s message.” CW 26,27. We are out of order with the 3rd angel’s message now, because the world hasn’t heard the 1st angel’s message given in 1844, nor have they heard “the Bridegroom comes” also given then and typified by John’s ‘bitter belly.’ Christ said, ‘Prophesy again’ Rev 10:11. That means give those same messages again.

This shouldn’t be hard. The Greek word for judgment in Rev 14:7 is krisis, and the world is in a crisis. But when we ‘prophesy again,’ it’s not about the investigative judgment of the dead since 1844 (Rev 11:18), it’s a time of life and death issues as seen in Daniel 1-6 when, if we are willing to die rather than dishonor God, we may be spared.

The other message for ‘prophesy again’ is ‘the Bridegroom comes.’ Matt 25:5,6 shows that we are asleep with lights out in our understanding of this topic. It’s not a rapture when Christ comes in the sky. God executed judgment on Egypt and took Israel to a covenant by which they became His Bride (Jeremiah 3:14) and kingdom, Exodus 19:5,6.

Our understanding and meeting the conditions in Luke’s wedding parable means that “He will make [us] ruler over all that He has” but what’s coming could mean we will be “beaten with stripes” if we aren’t ready and are unprepared like the foolish virgins. See Luke 12:35-48 and the explanations in the next article below…and call or email me, 928 583 7543 or with questions or concerns.

Richard Ruhling 

PS: Most Seventh-day Adventist members in North America are aware of serious division problems with several unions at odds with the vote against women’s ordination by the world church at its General Conference session. The North American Division announced “a need to have its own uniqe message and strategies that are relevant and work in our territory…it’s time that we grow up and leave our parent’s house.” [Its headquarters would be moved out of the General Conference building]

The above issue of present truth comes into focus with Ellen White’s statement–“The preaching of the first angel’s message and of the “midnight cry” tended directly to repress fanaticism and dissension.”  Great Controversy, 398.  With the church splitting over women’s ordination, wouldn’t it be well to repress fanatacism and dissension by focusing on the messages Christ said to give “again”?

It might take the wisdom of Solomon to see that we should do what he recommended when two women came contending for a baby. He said to divide the baby and give half to each woman. The true mother said, NO!–give it to the other woman, thus revealing the mother’s heart.

Let the incorporated conference church contend legally if they wish about how to divide their assets as is happening with the Pacific Union v General Conference, but let the true church (like the true mother) focus on the present truth for our time which will prepare them and those with whom they share the message, of impending judgment and the Bridegroom’s coming, as explained in the following article.

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  1. Kyrila Scully permalink
    November 19, 2016 1:44 am

    Thank you, Pastor! I will take you up on your offer to discuss this by phone. I have a weird work schedule (work mostly nights) but I’m usually off on Thursdays and Sabbaths. Would like to get deeper into the three angels’ messages. They are rarely spoken of any more. (Or we can exchange emails!) Kind regards, Kyrila Scully member Eliathah SDA Church in Tamarac, FL

    • thebridegroomcomes permalink*
      November 19, 2016 3:07 am

      Thank you, Kyrila, anytime 8-8 PT is okay, 928 583 7543, God bless you…

    • thebridegroomcomes permalink*
      November 28, 2016 10:02 pm

      You are welcome to call,10-9 ET is best (AZ here) 928 583 7543, Thurs or Sabbath fine…

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