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“The Time is Fulfilled; the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand; Repent & Believe the Gospel” in a New Big Picture!

May 28, 2016

Please consider how Christ’s words apply now with new meaning—with high reward or serious loss if we shrug off.

#1. The Bible has many lessons and in the end-time, they superimpose or reapply. For example, when Christ said, the time is fulfilled, it’s a different time now. God gives us six days and 6,000 years to do our work, but 50 jubilees with historic biblical dating and the papal visits intersecting three Bible timelines support the 6,000 years as complete.  For those who don’t follow timelines, “when-then” signs also show it,  In addition to these, 12 men in history have believed 2016 may bring us to the endtimes:

#2. There’s a 7-year ending like Joseph’s famine, the king ate grass for 7 years–Dan 4, 7 days in Jericho’s conquest, blowing a trumpet for a trip each day (six trumpets in Rev 8, 9) and 7 trips on 7th day like 7 last plagues. God gives His side power for 1260 days after which the beast has power for 42 months (Rev 11:3-7; 13:5) “As the Father sent Me, so send I you,” We may now have three years till the night comes when no man can work, even as Christ was taken at midnight in the midst of His 70th week. As Israel lost their sovereignty and were under Rome, we may see
a parallel with a
US civil war for Constitutional rights and the loss of freedom in martial law~Rome in Christ’s time.

#3. “The kingdom of heaven is at hand,” Mark 1:15. So it is now, but with an added dimension. He said it is within you, blessed are the poor in spirit, the meek, the merciful. This can be so for us also like when the disciples asked if Christ would restore the kingdom to Israel in Acts 1:6. He said, “It is not for you to know the times and seasons…” Paul said, we know them perfectly…“the day of the Lord comes when they shall say ‘Peace & safety.” 1Thess 5:2,3

Israel was impacted last year when six nations signed a ‘peace and safety’ nuclear treaty with Iran.’ Their breach of the treaty and hostility to Israel may come in the spring soon. (2Sam 11:1; Zech 14:2; Dan 9:25 offer insights)

#4. In looking for a kingdom like the disciples, we should see that Israel became a kingdom when God took them through calamity (midnight cry, Exod 12:29; Matt 25:6) to a covenant that made them His kingdom, Exod 19:5,6. In doing so, He had dominion through His laws—king—domionion. We will need to come through calamity and
be ready to make a covenant, but this time we have a better opportunity to understand what God wants from us. Ellen White’s last definition of the church is a “covenant-keeping people” PK 714 shows it’s a huge opportunity.

#5. “Repent.” “The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul.” Ps 19:7. The New Covenant Promise to write His law in our hearts has a latter-day context, Jer 30:24; 31:1. We won’t be ready to go to heaven without it being fulfilled to us, so there is a deeper repentance than we see now, and a new meaning of law for many who think it’s the 10 Commandments–they were the “testimony.” “Law” comes from the Hebrew word, torah, it’s the five books
of Moses with the statutes, judgments and case histories to show how God applied the law, Mal 4:4,5; Matt 17:11. These texts offer one aspect of what Christ said was to be restored before He comes. We are to repair the breach…

#6. Believe the Gospel.” Throughout history, the good news has been different. Noah offered flood insurance.
The good news to Abraham was real estate. Moses offered freedom from bondage. Christ offered freedom from sin. For us, it’s better than any of those because it is ALL of those! “As the days of Noah” we can be spared widespread destruction and loss of life.
Better than the land for Abraham, “in My Father’s house are many mansions.” Jn 14:1-3

#7. The gospel—good news, is seen in the wedding parables. If we understand them, “He will make [us] ruler over all that He has,” Lk 12:32-48. God said He was married to Israel (Jer 3:14) but He got an ignorant bride. This must not happen to Christ. We must be ready, “that when He comes and knocks, [we] may open unto Him immediately.” This can only happen if we have previously considered the topics necessary for our covenant (marriage) with Him. They’re marked for end-times by a 7-fold emphasis, like Revelation is a book of 7’s. If the reader desires to be ruler over all that He has, we need to know the basis of our covenant, like His name, His laws, ‘the book of the covenant.’

Please visit for the 1st seal. A link at the bottom takes you to the 2nd seal etc All of this to the intent that we may play a biblical role as Christ for 3 years, ready for a ‘cut off’ in midst of the last week (Dan 9) as world events fit what God declared from the beginning, Isa 46:10. Genesis in reverse = Revelation.

All three wedding parables show a sudden event beyond which it is too late to get ready. Matt 22 is about inviting others to a (spiritual) feast, as link above. Matt 25:6 is about a ‘sudden unlooked-for calamity’ as fell on Egypt with a ‘midnight cry.’ COL 412. Luke 12:32-48 is about “ruler over all that He has” or beaten with stripes if we aren’t ready.
Visit for more information and call 928 583 7543 if you have questions. Shrug this off at your own risk, Luke 12:44-48.

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