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Seven ‘When-Then’ Signs for a Historic Message; the Angel said, “Prophecy again.” Will We?

December 23, 2015

Summary: Millerite pioneers misunderstood the nature of the judgment they proclaimed in 1844 and also the nature of the wedding in Christ’s parable. They thought they would be raptured and the world would burn. Their misunderstanding was typified by John’s ‘bitter-belly’ experience in Revelation 10:10, but the Angel told John, “prophesy again.” This means at some point, “the Bridegroom comes” in a time of judgment like He did in Egypt when He took Israel to a covenant and later said “I am married to you.”

Signs suggest that now is the time and we are the people, but we need a better understanding to play this prophetic role. Seven ‘when-then’ signs suggest a time of impending judgment announced in the 1st angel’s message.1 The Greek word for judgment is krisis—crisis! As we look at our world, we might not even need seven signs to see how “on target” the message is. Nevertheless, here are seven signs in the order they unfolded:

  1. “The sun shall be darkened…” A rare solar eclipse on the spring equinox, March 20, 2015 began the biblical year that starts with spring, Exodus 12:2.
  2. “and the moon turned to blood before the day of the Lord,” Joel 2:31. The blood moon 2 weeks later on Passover was a memorial of when Israel put blood on their doorpost, The word for “before” ispaniym, It means “facing,” and the events of 2015 are facing end-times.
  3. “When they say ‘Peace and safety,’ sudden destruction comes…”2Seven nations (God’s endorsement of a sign?) signed the Iran Nuclear Treaty and Iran has already violated it in testing a rocket, according to UN officials.
  4. “When you see the abomination… standing where it ought not.”4The Bible also calls homosexuality an abomination, and with Supreme Court approval, it was “standing where it ought not.” Christ said end-times would be “as it was in the days of Lot” when it rained fire the day that Lot fled Sodom.5Could God be waiting for us to get out of the cities? Will He wait indefinitely beyond a reasonable warning? Shouldn’t we participate in giving a warning (1stangel’s message)? If we see trouble and don’t warn, God may hold us responsible…Ezekiel 33:6.
  5. Early believers understood Christ’s reference to the abomination as military and when the Roman army came to Jerusalem, they fled and were spared the siege by Titus in 70 AD. But US military also stood “where it ought not” with JADE HELM covering the southwest, July 15-Sept 15. Some say it’s a drill in anticipation of martial law when constitutional rights could end.
  6. Early Christians saw the idolatrous standard of the Roman army that included emblems of their sun god planted outside Jerusalem as a sign to flee. We saw Rome “standing where it ought not” with an appeal that included “Sunday” as part of the “great words” to the US Congress.
  7. September 25, 20115, Pope Francis had ‘great words’ for the UN General Assembly on the Day of Atonement, the same time thought to initiate the judgment in Daniel 7:10, but pioneers overlooked the context in 1844. The pope had been taken prisoner by Napoleon and he died in exile, a ‘deadly wound,’ Rev 13:3. In 1844, the pope didn’t have much to talk about, but on the Day of Atonement, 2015, the “great words” suggest the missing ingredient of 1844 is now satisfied. The Movement of Destiny endorsed in Rev 10:10 must “prophesy again,”

Additional signs include Daniel 8: Alexander’s victory over the Medes and Persians was a fulfillment of Daniel’s vision, but Gabriel said “the vision (chazown of ram and goat) is “at the time of the end.”3 This supports the “unsealed” meaning of Daniel as having a double application—once in history and again in “the time of the end” with a ram pushing west as militant Islam (Iraq, Iran/ISIS) Will we learn from Europe?

After the pope signed a concordat with Hitler to make the world Catholic when he won the war, there was so much protest when President Truman tried to appoint an ambassador to the Vatican, that it couldn’t be done.

But when President Reagan did so, Adventism “consented by silence”–no protest and we did so again when Pope Francis came to Congress in contrast to a Catholic congressman who saw it wasn’t right and boycotted the pope’s visit!6

This brings us to consider the contented condition of the seventh, lukewarm church of Laodicea. Its name, laos, means people and dicea or decree–judging, or “people in a time of judgment.” For the above reasons, we become God’s people if we will “prophesy again” of His impending judgments.

F.D. Nichol’s book, The Midnight Cry, shows another message given by SDA pioneers in 1844. “The Bridegroom comes” was part of their disappointment when He didn’t come as they expected. This message also should be included in “prophesy again…”

To see the latest article showing how the pope’s visits also signaled the end of when 1,000 years are as a day that we should not ignore (2Peter 3:8-10) please see #2 at

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