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Ellen White’s Vision of an Earthquake & Other Impending Events

April 23, 2015


Based on these 1987 omens of end-times, four events may be impending:  

1. Whittier’s Earthquake cost $358 million in damages,
2. Pope John Paul’s visit in September preceded
3. The stock market crash of 508 points in October.
4. The Persian Gulf Crisis with Iran resolved without war.

The 21st century has brought an escalation of serious signs that seem to have a 7-year sabbatical cycle:

In 2001, the WTC on 9-11 killed 2,996 and cost $10 billion in property damage, but that cost was small compared to the $2.3 trillion that Donald Rumsfeld announced was missing from the Pentagon’s budget on 9-10’s evening news, nicely timed to avoid coverage on 9-11?

In 2008, Pope Benedict’s visit preceded America’s economic crash that has affected everyone; recovery is still debatable. Again we might wonder re US-Vatican money connection as reports raise questions:

Owner of a fashion store related this from a wealthy client in 2008:

‘My son is a Catholic priest – high up in the US hierarchy of 
priests. He goes to the Vatican (in Rome, Italy) about every 2 weeks 
and just returned 2 days ago. He told me – ‘Mother, before the 
elections in November there will be a great crisis in the United 
States. Because of this crisis, life as we know it now will never be 
the same again. The American lifestyle will change and no-one will 
ever be able to carry it out the same again – never!” 

2015 is another sabbatical year when the above events could refocus:
1. Scientists worry about a Ventura Fault and tsunami threat to southern Calfiornia.
2. Pope Francis is coming to Washington. He has stated his vision for America to redistribute its wealth, though he hasn’t made any commitment to help from the wealth that flows to the Vatican, even from US tax dollars, says Karen Hudes,  
World Bank Whistleblower, (see YouTube @ 7.30-minutes)
3. The world’s economy has been described as a house of cards and all bets are off for what might occur after the pope’s visit in late September.
4. A US-Iran Nuclear “agreement” was focus of 18 months of negotiation that fulfills a biblical sign–”when they say ‘Peace and safety,’ sudden destruction comes.” (Apostle Paul)

The “sudden destruction” could be an earthquake in southern California. Ellen White’s credibility is established by a vision of 9-11 published in 1909, Vol 9, pgs 11-13 of Testimonies for the Church. 

But she also had an earthquake vision while visiting Loma Linda where she founded a medical school. “Many lives were blotted out…It seemed that… Judgment day had come.” She cited Zephaniah re judgments that God would bring on evil-doers.

White did not want pharmacology taught but men failed to honor her vision for natural remedies. as they sought accreditation. Now Adverse Drug Reactions (that in her words change the form and location of the disease) make medical care a leading cause of death

I visited US Senate offices re dangers of Rx drugs until one senator said, “You’re wasting your time; they own us,” speaking of drug money for their re-election.

The lukewarm church of Laodicea where Christ “knocked” (Rev 3:20) ended in an earthquake that destroyed the city circa 63 AD, but He also promises to “knock” again when He comes for the wedding in Luke 12:36. We must “open unto Him immediately,” and maybe this is the only way He can get our attention? Serious knock, but “to Him that knocks, it shall be opened.” Matt 7:7,8.

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