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Saudi Muslim Calls for Destruction of Christian Churches

October 3, 2013


IF MUSLIMS MUST FIGHT, FORCE AND KILL others who are unpersuaded by their “peaceful religion,” [they can’t even get along among themselves!] then it may be an indication that their cause is NOT TRUE OR JUST OR RIGHT. IT IS STRONG EVIDENCE THEY ARE SERVING A FALSE GOD.

THE BIG QUESTION is, Will the New World Order with the pope in charge be any different from the OLD WORLD Order when the burning of heretics was their most exalted form of worship (“Auto de Fe”–Act of Faith) when estimates are 50-100 million Protestants lost their lives for failing to accept Rome’s false forms of worship.

God “knows the end from the beginning” and foretells the end of militant Islam as may be understood from the information in the left column of this link (click)

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