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What do you worry about?

July 5, 2013
"When they say, 'Peace and safety..."

“When they say, ‘Peace and safety…”

A pastor preparing a sermon asked, What Are You Worried About?

Having recently spent time in New York City giving health programming to churches, I’m concerned about so many Christians struggling to survive in difficult circumstances.

A missionary-minded friend said 33 years ago that NYC is the cesspool of the world. It’s more true now, and we know from Revelation that at some point, destruction is coming on cities, so how is God going to separate “the wheat from the tares”?

Christ said , “In the time of harvest, I will say to the reapers, gather first the tares…then the wheat.” Matthew 13:30. We might wonder who the reapers are. Christ said, “The reapers are the angels.” v 39.

Do we really expect angels to come, and like a rapture, snatch the good people? If so, we’re forgetting that the Greek word for angel, aggelos, means messenger. The separation comes as a result of their messages! The bottom line is that God will leave it up to individuals whether they want to obey Him as Lord of their lives, trusting that He knows best, or whether they want to follow their own instincts.

What are we talking about? Christ told His followers to flee “when you see [military force] standing where it ought not,” Mark 13:14. The early believers understood. They fled and were spared the siege by Titus in 70 AD, but Christ’s warnings can also apply to martial law at the end of the world. Matt 24:3.

Christ’s wedding parable suggests we have been lulled to sleep, Matt 25:5. The cry at midnight is linked by the Rule of 1st Use to the first place we find a midnight cry—it was when calamity fell on Egypt, Exod 12:29,30.

The apostle Paul understood this. “When they shall say, ‘Peace and safety,’ sudden destruction comes… as travail on a woman with child.” That’s what happened when calamity hit Egypt and Israel became God’s firstborn, and it also fits the wedding parables because they covenanted with God and He later said, “I am married to you,” Jeremiah 3:14.

If that seems like a twist of Scripture, Paul included the Exodus when he wrote, “All those things happened to them for examples and they are written for our admonition…ends of the world.” 1Cor 10:1,11.

Back to the wedding parable, when a sudden [huge] calamity on America causes a midnight cry as it did Egypt, the message will be, “the Bridegroom comes! Go ye out to meet Him.” Matthew 25:6.

When it happened in Egypt, Israel was ready and they went to the wilderness. Similar imagery is found in Revelation 12:6 where the woman flees to the wilderness and the earth helped the woman.

All of this seems theoretical until something huge happens, but we are living when we should expect it and be ready to flee. I know a Presbyterian pastor who kept his backpack loaded in his car. Good for him and maybe not so good for us! If we think Japan’s earthquake was just a quirk of nature, we owe it to ourselves to consider evidence for a different view click here.

And if you think our government wouldn’t do such a thing, why did they buy a billion bullets and ask everyone in enforcement to complete certain training by the end of August? The Bible says, “two or three witnesses.” Take a minute to see what five said, click here.

If we see a sword on the land and don’t give a warning, God holds us accountable, Ezekiel 33:6.
A Christian couple moved locally after an unhappy camping encounter. They were made to pack up and before they could get gone, a jeep with a machine gun and four men who didn’t speak any English got out.

The religious leaders were wrong in 70 AD. Prophecy is fulfilling. Our only true safety is conforming our lives to Scripture. The life you save may be your own!

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