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Reason #5 for End-Times:

January 14, 2013

ShipwreckYesterday’s post showed Ellen White was 100 years ahead of her time when she saw tall buildings in NYC “consumed as if made of pitch. The fire engines could do nothing to stay the blaze.” 9-11 (Volume 9, pages 11-13 of Testimonies for the Church, published in1909.

But she also saw Adventist medical work  represented by a ship  with “worm-eaten timbers” (because she said Dr. Kellogg, head of Battlecreek Sanitarium and Hospital, was putting “worm-eaten timbers into the medical work), and she said that ship would strike the rocks before it reaches harbor.  Testimonies for the Church, Vol  5, pages 571,572.

She also said that ship was a “spurious vessel” but elsewhere described higher education that was being planned as spurious. So the spurious vessel with worm-eaten timbers represents higher education and medical work.

Adventism has been selling hospital after hospital and has seen closure of schools, recently Atlantic Union College, as well as the Southern Publishing Association and more recently the General Conference took Review & Herald Publishing under wing.

Current pictures fit the imagery from a century ago, supporting an impending end-times.

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