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Reason #3 for End-Times Impending

January 12, 2013

#3.  Christ said, When you see the abomination spoken of by Daniel, flee. Matthew 24:15. Early believers understood Him to mean Rome, and when the Roman army under Cestius came in 66 AD, the Christians fled and were spared the siege by Titus in 70 AD. Acting on Christ’s words saved lives.

But His words were also about “the end of the world,” (Matt 24:3) and after 2000 years, in the first visit to Jerusalem by a pope, John Paul II went to Jerusalem in April, 2000. And starting that fall, Jerusalem has been the focus of numerous terrorist events.  After John Paul’s visit to America in 1987, the stock market crashed 500 points in a historic dive.

After Pope Benedict visited Washington in 2008, the stock market began an unprecedented crash for 10 days with $760 billion in bailout and more since then. While Christ was on earth, His visits brought health and salvation. When the pope comes to town…?

Ultimately, the pope wants to move to Jerusalem as seen in Daniel 11:45 and as revealed by a former Jesuit, Alberto Rivera in his expose’  The Godfathers, that can be read online. It shows Rome’s role in World War I and World War II. Click

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