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10 Reasons This is the Last Generation

January 8, 2013

#1. The Seventh-day Adventist Church was the prophetic movement of Revelation 10 where John ate the little book of Daniel. The imagery in Revelation 10 is the same as in Daniel 12.  Adventist pioneers understood Daniel to mean Christ would come in 1844, but their disappointment was bitter as Revelation 10:10 shows.  Verse 11 says, You must prophesy again, but to do so as pioneers did is the last thing that church leaders want to consider. We will address this again under Reason #10.

We are the Final Generation! The Word of God points to four generations before the end in Joel 1: “You tell your children of it, and let them tell their children, and their children another generation.” Joel 1:3. We might miss the meaning or the four generations, but the next verse uses grain to clarify a disappointing harvest in contrast to Christ’s words, “First the blade, then the ear, then the full corn.” Joel 1:4 says, “That which the palmerworm has left, the locust has eaten, and that which the locust has left, the cankerworm has eaten, and that which the cankerworm has left, the caterpillar has eaten.”

Not much left of us after four generations. The Bible shows a generation as 40 years in Hebrew 3:9,10 where God was grieved 40 years with the generation in the wilderness. The math is easy for Adventists which had its roots in1844. Four generations of 40 years is 160, bringing us into the 21st century. Yes, Adventists have more schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, clinics and doctors worldwide than any other Protestant church, but the imagery of grain which represents harvest, maturity, character is wanting according to Joel. It’s in that context that Joel says,”The day of the Lord is at hand.” v 15.

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