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Christian Expectations Don’t Fit Christ’s Prophecy in Matthew 24

October 7, 2011

A broader view of end-time events could spare us from being unprepared

After building to the climax of His 2nd coming with power and glory in the middle of the chapter, Christ then gives warns of one or more events that could find us not ready.

  1. First He said to learn a parable of the fig-tree. In Matthew 19, He cursed a fig tree with much foliage but no fruit. It represented the Jewish nation then, looking good outwardly, but lacking fruits of righteousness. In Matthew 24, Christ was projecting this into the end-time. Could America be like that, looking good, but sadly lacking? The fig tree suddenly withered; could it happen to US when God can no longer bless the things He has cursed? 
  2. Next Christ warned, “as it was in the days of Noah.” Could there be world-wide destruction? Paul also warned of “sudden destruction” when they shall say, ‘Peace and safety,” 1 Thessalonians 5:2,3. We hear it today and with the New Madrid or California’s over-due for “the Big One,” who’s to say it couldn’t happen?
  3. Then two are together but one is taken. Some Christians think this means they will be spared tribulation by a rapture (“one is taken”) but when the disciples asked “where,” Christ implied that person becomes food for vultures in Luke 17.
  4. Matthew 24 ends with the evil servant beginning to smite fellow servants. This occurred under Old World Order when the evil servant persecuted protestants. Revelation 13 suggests a similar picture under New World Order in which global government boycotts those who won’t comply with the inability to buy or sell with a number.

How do these events fit? All of the above could come into focus as a result of an apocalyptic earthquake that included destruction on both the New Madrid and San Andreas Faults.

Declaration of martial law (as in New Orleans) could get Christians who do not favor New World Order, and others such as gun-rights activists and anti-abortion protesters an opportunity for further screening at a FEMA detention center. Those groups fit the picture of potential “domestic terrorists” listed in Homeland Security documents and protested by Michele Bachmann.

After Hurricane Katrina, those in New Orleans who didn’t evacuate were detained, screened and many were relocated, but this could never happen on a national scale. Or could it? If you Google FEMA camps, you may be shocked to discover more than 700 in the US. One source says FEMA is the Trojan horse for New World Order.

All of the above fit the picture in the last half of Matthew 24 and Revelation 13 better than the idea of a rapture that many are beginning to question.  Maybe we should re-evaluate it? For further reasons to reconsider the rapture, offers a concise view.

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