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To the (lukewarm) Church of Laodicea:

April 15, 2010

Christ wants us hot or cold, and events are coming that will drive us to Him or away. Every cloud has a silver lining and Christ’s wedding parables offer the highest possible reward—“He will make [us] ruler over all that He has” if we open immediately to His “knock,” Luke 12:36,44.

Comparing Scriptures to understand them, the only other place where Christ “knocks” is for the church of Laodicea and it ended in an earthquake in 63 AD; type and antitype?

Ellen White foresaw similar possibilities for us when she said, “It seemed that…Judgment day had come,” in her earthquake vision at Loma Linda. Some readers think she was merely reporting the San Francisco Earthquake, but she added, “Through His prophet Zephaniah, the Lord specifies judgments He will bring…in the day of the Lord’s sacrifice.” 9T 93,95, citing Zeph 1:8.

“The day of the Lord’s sacrifice” is Passover. That’s when God said, “I will execute judgment,” Exod 12:12. At Passover Christ prayed the cup pass [over/from] Him, but He asked His disciples to “watch [be awake is the meaning of the Greek word, gregoreo] and pray.” And He tells us, “If you don’t watch, I will come on you as a thief.” Rev 3:3

A thief comes when we don’t expect him, but God said He won’t do anything without revealing it, Amos 3:7. And the next verse is about the earthquake is you compare a lion’s roar with Joel 3:16, and the Lion of Judah, Rev 5:5.

Each time Christ said You don’t know the day or hour, He gave an example that fit a provision in their law for Passover a month later, as for travel in Numbers 9:10,11.

Note His reference to the “goodman” in Matt 24:43, KJV.
The only Old Testament reference to “goodman” is Prov 7:18-20. A harlot says, “let us take our fill of love…for the goodman is not at home, he is gone a long journey. He… will come home at the yom kece [full moon].”

Passover comes on a full moon, but “long journey” means Passover a month later. Last year, this passage applied as Pope Benedict (goodman) was “gone a long journey” to Jerusalem, arriving “at the yom kece,” full moon of 2nd Passover, and he is married to the harlot in Rev 17:1.

The point is, we are seeing what Ellen White said, “the types that relate to the 2nd advent must be fulfilled at the time pointed out in the symbolic service.” GC 399. But, if we aren’t looking at those appointed times, we can miss seeing or understanding their application.

This is important, because the next time Christ gave an example pointing to 2nd Passover, it was in connection with His own coming as Bridegroom, “for the kingdom of heaven is as a man traveling to a far country” Matt 25:14.

“Till heaven and earth pass, not one jot or tittle will pass from the law.” Matt 5:18. Even His return in judgment to separate wise from foolish, lukewarm to hot or cold, will be in conformity to His appointed times, COL 34, GC 399. Paul said they were “shadows of things to come.” Col 2:17

“As the days of Noah” also had 2nd Passover timing. Noah entered ark on 10th day; compare Gen 7:4,11 and Exod 12:3.
Please consider watching (being awake) and praying as Christ said as 2nd Passover begins the evening of April 29.

We should be ready, “that when he comes and knocks, [we] may open unto him immediately,” Luke 12:36. How do we “open immediately”? By keeping the feast of unleavened bread that begins then, as suggested by the imagery of the next verse when Christ served His disciples and gave them unleavened bread, Luke 12:37.

But this is not about bread; bread represents spiritual truth in the Bible, Matt 16:12. Communion with Christ in His word is how we become one with Him. We also become one with Him by making a covenant. These superimpose at Passover. That’s how Israel did it and God later said, “I am married unto you,” Jer 3:14. When did they get married? They got married at Sinai when they made a covenant.

God took Israel from calamity in Egypt through the sea to a covenant at Sinai where they became His kingdom and His bride. Paul says, “All those things happened to them for ex-amples [margin, types*]…ends of the world,” 1Cor 10:1,11.

*This means we look forward to similar circumstances.
The key is our understanding that we can marry Christ as our Bridegroom by making a covenant with Him. Ellen White’s last definition of church is a “covenant-keeping people…and to them will be fulfilled all the covenant promises made by [God to Israel], PK 713,714.
In considering our need to make a covenant with God, only that which comes from God can lead to God.

Bible covenants were linked to sevens. “Covenant” is found 7 times in Gen 9. Abraham gave Abimelek 7 lambs, Gen 21:27,28. God gave Israel 7 holy days, Lev 23. In the covenant that we must make with Christ, we need to see a collection of topics that He has emphasized 7 times as a mark of end-time truth for us.

For example, the statutes, judgments and sabbaths are emphasized 7 times in Ezekiel 20:11-24. As Adventists we have focused on the Sabbath as a sign, but we cut the “s” off of Sabbaths and fail to see the statutes and judg-ments as anything to remember.God says, “Remember the law of Moses…with the statutes and judgments. Behold I send you Elijah…” Mal 4:4,5. Christ said Elijah “shall first come, and restore all things,” Matt 17:11.

Dr. Roy Gane, President of Adventist Theological Society, and professor at Andrews Univ, presented “The Gospel According to Moses and Elijah” and it was a focus on the statutes and judgments cited in Mal 4:4,5. (Dec, 2009)

You may read it if you click the last link on the website at This website will soon have links to the 7 topics (like statutes and Sabbaths) that we need to understand in order to make a covenant with Christ (marry Him as the Bridegroom). This is how, as wise virgins, we enter the marriage. Watch the news April 25 for a possible sign of calamity Apr 30, Ex 12:3,6.

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  1. November 13, 2010 7:54 am

    I can see you are making the most of the information you have at your dispossal. That is good because the end really does justify the means as far as reality is concerned. This i am saying because i know the foundation of Christianity was built on quick sand.

    But it doesn’t matter now, what was done was done and those responsible for annuling the true teachings of Christ and killing the Christians that really knew who he was and his mission.

    i’d like to share Prophecies of the Book of Revelations with you that JEHOVAH allowed me to uncover. I first found the Prophecy involving the nuclear blast of the Cherobyl Power Station in 26 April 1986 and i was born exactly 1 year 6 months after the disaster even to the day in 26 October 1986. As you know the Universe has no such thing as a co-incidence because that would mean God makes mistakes. Here are the Prophecy its the first document on top.

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